Sunday, July 23, 2006

MAIDS!! Can't live with and without them

Really ah these maids, can really drive you up the wall. I have noticed my maid has been quite slack with work recently. So I took the opportunity to dig into her belongings yesterday while she was at my mom's place.

I knew she was corresponding with a guy (Pakistani) working in a factory somewhere in Klang as I saw a letter that came for her before. I already told her it's ok to correspond as she's entitled to have friends. But whatever it is, it must go through me first. However, she has chosen to go behind my back by asking my staff to help her send her love letters and also asked another staff to help her translate as the Pakistani only understands English. All the evidence were all over her belongings.

Actually, why I suddenly wanted to check her stuff was because I saw another letter that came for her from the same factory in Klang but the hand writing was different. This time it's in Bahasa Indonesia/Java. So, I thought that the Pakistani asked his Indonesian friend to help him write the letter la. The contents were basically the same la, love letter la, asking her if she's serious with him or not bla bla bla...

So, in my digging process, I found 2 more envelopes with the same writing as this latest letter and as I read through, I realised that this is totally a different guy, yes my Bahasa Indonesia/Java may not be good but I'm not blind as there's a photo of the guy. I also saw a photo of the Pakistani. Bluekkkk! Really vomit blood ok, as both seems to be hopelessly in love with her!

My next question is, where the hell did she meet these 2 blokes and how on earth did they fall in love with her at the same time?? I have not allowed her to go out on her own before, only have left her home alone for a few Sundays before. Besides, where we live is like 45 minutes away from Klang. So that's why I have decided not to leave her home alone today, so we took her out to church this morning.

While I was talking to a friend in church, she told me her horror story too. Hers was even more bizarre. She has moved to Singapore last year so she took her maid along since she's really efficient and very good with the kids. She also has not left the maid alone in the house or allowed her out alone before. But then, the maid ended up pregnant! How??? Well, it's during the 2 miserable hours in church where the maid was supposed to be hanging out in the waiting room together with other maids. That was the time she has escaped to meet up with her lover! Gosh, how did she meet the lover is another mystery, since she's considered new and foreign over there isn't it?? Anyway, with a heavy heart, my friend had to send her home as the maid betrayed her trust in her. Gosh, this is not the first time I have heard of such things. It happens every other day to the many unfortunate employers out there! Really, I do not want to be one of them lor!


MyLittleChampion said...

well, actually, the maid is here to help... not to add more stress. its really up to you to decide... since you have so much of these maid horrors.. eh, maybe you have a sub-blog... just to blog about all these maid stories haha..

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