Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Afternoon Tea

I had some time off with my son while sending my monstrous car to the mechanic. We went to have a cake and a drink. I asked what would he like but actually his choice was limited to hot chocolate la. I will not allow him to drink tea/coffee at this age yet lor.

Anyway, the cake and drink came and he attacked the cake immediately. I noticed his appetite has been improving lately. Usually he's not very enthusiastic about cakes. The hot chocolate was indeed burning hot and being the fussy boy he is, he was complaining like mad as usual;

Me : Quick drink your hot chocolate

Kieran : Why so hot mommy? I can't drink it.

Me : Then sip bit by bit, use the spoon la.

Kieran : (He took a spoonful and began to blow) Why you order hot? You should order warm chocolate mommy...Next time don't order Hot chocolate. Order warm chocolate, ok??

Me : (Fainted! It's like, how on earth did he manage to come up with that statement...)

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