Monday, August 07, 2006

Good News!

Just received news from my friend in the US that she's 18.5 weeks pregnant and it's going to be a girl!!! YAY!! Was so happy for her cos it was like just yesterday I was telling her she must not be lazy to chart her ovulation pattern la bla bla bla..etc etc etc..Wah, sekali she dropped the bombshell, guess what..I'm pregnant! Wah that girl, if she's here, sure kena hantam from me la, pregnant so long now only announce! Aiya nevermind la, still so happy for her!!!!!!!!

Anyway, she has been reading my blog and she asked me today why is that I have the birth story of my son and don't have the one on my daughter..hehehe...yes yes..a bit slow..aiya the history on my son also not completed...slow slow la...somemore got daily happenings patient ok??

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