Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mini Conversation with Kieran

This morning grandma called and asked to talk to Kieran. She was offering to take him out to MidValley and I was silently gesturing to Kieran, "Go Go..ask Ah Po take you to Mega Kidz, pls pls..." hahaha..trying to get rid of him cos he was creating a mess in the office yesterday. Initially he didn't want to go but I was trying to get him excited and thank God he finally agreed to go! Strange that he's not really interested to go out nowadays, I think it's bcos mummy takes too much time shopping and bored shopping centres are no fun to him..

Quickly went up to get him changed to kai kai clothes! He has begun to have preference of his attire so he chose his shirt and allowed me to choose his shorts though. Then he asked which shoe to wear. As he was about to wear his sandals, he sat on a mini stool but lost his balance and "bump" on his bum bum..It was quite funny so I naturally laughed la.

K - (upset) Hey don't laugh! Not funny!

Me - hahahaha....funny wat...

K - hughh,,,(whiny type of tone..u know..) not funny ok! I throw the sandal at you ah!

Me - (wide eyed!) Wey! Cannot liddis ah..When I have a minor accident, you also laugh at me wat..

K - No! Don't laugh, stop it! I spray water at you ah.. (pointed his sprout water bottle at me lookin very vicious)

Me - Ok that's it, from now on I will not laugh at you and likewise you must not laugh at others! So do you know how it feels when ppl laugh at you?

K - Yes..

Me - then don't laugh at others too ok?

K - ok...


mommy of two angels said... he can remember your agreement! bet he forgotten right after he stepped out of the door...but he is so cute and have such a big ego too...growing up to be a real man's man.

nyonyapenang said...

you teach well!

Zara's Mama said...

Hehe.. give them a taste of their own medicine they baru tahu..

I do that as well to Zara.. sometimes snatching her things.. and when I see the shock face.. I asked her.. nice or not people snatch your things?

LaundryAmah said...

2 angels - well i just have to do it again if he forgets!

Nyonya - no lar..still learning..struggling parent!

Zara mama - Ya lor let him taste and feel it so I tend to really rub it in to piss him off! kakakaka...

jazzmint said...

Mommy really got some tricks to get back on him eh