Friday, August 25, 2006

My Neighbourhood Salon

I go to this "che kai" (not so glamourous) suburban hair salon to wash my hair. (very cheap ma!) Mostly aunties and grannies (bringing their maids/kids for haircuts!) go there, so I usually just let them wash my hair and not do anything else there ler..hehehe...sked ma..(afraid) after turn out like one laundryahSOH otoke?

Anyway, they still use this giant hair blower to set hair by curling your hair in rollers. I notice that many newer salons do not adopt this method anymore simply because this method has become obsolete. But according to my hairdresser, the reason for salons not adopting this method is that new hairdressers were not taught to curl the hair with curlers. Strange lor cos it doesn't look all that difficult to me but it's really time consuming only as it takes 45 minutes to blow dry my hair...My hairdresser said this method is the best as it will not cause damage. True wor..

So this is what I go through twice a week under the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....blower....kekekeke...the result really soft flowing curls that never fails to dazzle! cheh wah...

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