Thursday, August 31, 2006

Six Random Facts Tag early eight early wake up kena tagged leow (got tagged early in the morning) Nyonyapenang and I'm supposed to tag 6 others..hehehe..this is kinda fun!

Now the 6 random facts about laundryamah..

  1. Obsessed with good food and will go a long way to reach them!
  2. Still get mesmerised by stars and at the moment is still Hyun Bin from Korea..
  3. Shopaholic (in desperate quest for a cure but haven't found one yet...)
  4. Snore so loud can wake/keep people up the whole night!
  5. Must have clean and nicely pressed clothing all the time
  6. Can whack or catch a cockroach with hand (small ones la) but absolutely terrified of lizards
Now...I wish to tag the following people...

Oscar's Mom
Zara's Mama
Hui Sia

psssstt..just saw the message posted by Zara's mama about comments window loading too slow in beta blogs..Apologies to everyone..I didn't know there's so much problems associated with this beta blog, if I knew wouldn't have migrated! Thousand Apologies!!


piggyhooooo said...

muahhaha.ure obsessed with good food like my mum....your piao che....kekeke! =P

nyonyapenang said...

sori, didn't inform you abt the tag soon enough - i tertidur after the post. kekeke...
oooh, you korean stars mia fan-see. so, pandai korean-speak lor.
also, terima kasih for kasi saya muka. ;)

John said...

I think your beta blog works for me, now I can comment using my office's server.

Flowsnow said...

LA, got me addicted to the Korean show oleridi. Die la ...that guy has a new! I am in love with him..muhahahhaha..kidding. He looks too `young' for me. Maybe 10 years ago, can consider. So what about me `super - impose (if that's how u spell it) your face next to his? Mmm?...want? send sample pics.

Zara's Mama said...

I didn't see anything here.. blogspot beta is too slow.. *whistling*