Thursday, August 17, 2006


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Promotional art for Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #50.
Pencils by J. Scott Campbell, inks by Tim Townsend.

Believe it or not a version of spiderman appeared in my office today, not the red and blue netted bodysuit one but one in a white t-shirt and cap. There were 2 of my neighbour's staff standing outside when I went to have a look outside the window. One of them told me the guy was trying to steal the aircon wiring cables running outside my building and they saw him he jumped inside my office back stairwell! OMG!! The stairwell leads to all 4 floors and my baby and maid is at the top floor! There is no escape from this stairwell so that means he can only run in to my building through the top floor!

Oscar's mummy quickly went downstairs to get our colleague (the one who's big size and looks like he can bash the spidey type) while I ran upstairs to check on my baby. R (the spidey catcher) came up with a really "geng" (terror) instrument which I think can kill the spidey instantly with one blow! He was so spontaneous and said this, "Hantam dia jangan kasi chance!" (Kill the bugger, don't give chance) Waliau! By this time we all gathered around him and out of curiousity or stupidity I followed him in pursuit of spidey. Oscar's mummy went to report to the police while we went to the back stairwell.

Miraculously, spidey escaped, he must have found that he has no way out and climed out again but otoke?? (how) The 2 guys standing outside were there looking and didn't see him climb out! Ayo this is so mysterious ok! Then we thought the guys probably saw wrongly la, maybe he climbed into my neighbour's stairwell's side by side wat..can see wrongly la...or not??

Then we went back to work and suddenly 2 police officers carrying guns entered our office and gave us a shock of our lives cos they came in from the back door! Ayo! Then I accompanied them to investigate one round la. Wah very impressed with them cos this time they responded so promptly. Anyway, I led them to the back stairwell and told them that spidey could have climbed in through the gap and they went to look while I waited near the stairwell door. Then one of the police came back in quietly without realising I was there and both of us got a fright at the same time! Ayo scarier for me leh cos he was carrying a gun aiming at me!!!

Then I told them spidey could've climbed upstairs but I doubt it also. The police officers said must go one round the building and not take chances. Wah like real man! Then I led them upstairs and then we walked in the 2nd floor and me like a heroin was walking in front. Then officer 1 told me to walk behind him. Oh yah hor, walk in front sure die first! The officers really went and thoroughly checked every corner and even the cabinets too! Not bad leh!

How did that stupid spidey escape is still a mystery. These idiots come here to steal cables and steel cos this place is a secluded area away from the main road. I remember our street lights were always down cos the cables were stolen! In fact according to R who lives a few blocks from our building, he heard the sound of people cutting iron early this morning. Gosh, they have come to the extent of cutting our grills to sell! Sick or not??

Those buggers should have gone for the gold la cos my neighbour is actually a very famous goldsmith and jeweller who has stores all over Malaysia mainly in shopping centres. They actually make all the jewellery here! They have bought almost every block from this miserable two rows of industrial shoplots. But then again, I suspect these scrap metal thiefs are just small time "cheh kai" (lousy) thiefs stealing to feed their drug habits. "Sampah masyarakat!" (Society's garbage) I don't think they can break into my neighbour's well secured premises ler..

From now on we must be alert and I must put up grills at the back oledi...cannot save money but then again,,,they can cut my grills and sell wor! AYO! I give up! Nevermind la, just pray for protection la! Thank God everyone's ok!


Anonymous said...

wah! so drama one ah....

Zara's Mama said...

so desparate Mr Spidey.. things like that also want to steal.