Friday, August 18, 2006

Visit to Income Tax Department

I was all prepared to spend the whole day there, you know all prepared with my camera and all to bitch about the bad service and long wait but but lo and behold I was served in just a short while and the officer was indeed an angel!

I was so impressed and actually thought I should have taken down the officer's name to give him a compliment in real! REAL ONE!! Ahbutden..too lazy lor..Anyway, I found out that there is a delay of 2 years in my tax assessment, meaning I will only have to pay for the tax 2 years later! Waliau, why so delay one..sekali no money how leh..anyway he said it's the same la, just delayed 2 years only ma. Anyway kuci rat (small) income like mine they also not bothered ler. And I managed to find out that I had overpaid my taxes many moons ago so I don't have to pay for tax for quite some time leh..hehehehe..

Actually I wanted to show the picture of the miserable signboards in the carpark to show the contrast when I saw the flicker light arrow further inside the car part. It's like how come they didn't have the budget to make a proper signboard but had the budget for the flicker light sign?? I still got a lot to learn in this blogging field...marn marn lai ler.. (slowly ler)


jazzmint said...

hey what to bring along when go to income tax dept? I want to claim my overpaid money lehh...

LaundryAmah said...

Err they actually sent me a statement to tell me that I have a credit balance wor. Just bring your IC and your tax file number is sufficient I think..they r very canggih now la all computerised.