Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catch up with Old Friends

Yesterday we had dinner with my university mate (nicknamed Ah Seng) from Singapore. He's down with his family for his yearly Malaysian outing. He would like to come more often, or rather his wife (who's a Malaysia) as they miss the shopping and food too much!

I don't click very well with Singaporeans but I have this two really good friends whom we've kept in close contact over the many mayn years (no need to mention how many ler..), one is Ah Seng and the other is Ah Beng who's migrated to Melbourne Australia.

We met at the Curve as they were doing their shopping over there. I would prefer to take them for dinner at some other places but somehow time was not on our side so out of convenience, Curve la. We ate at Ah Tuah Ee, so called Nyonya Penang styled cooking, will have to check with Nyonyapenang about it...The food was so-so nya, not exactly value for money. They even charged 60 sen for each glass of warm water!

Anyway, that is not important..the fellowship was the keything. It's always fun to see the kids play. My son was chasing Ah Seng's daughter round and round and I could see how annoyed she was. She's 3 years younger than Kieran but the maturity level was I think higher than him leow! Memalukan..(so embarassing..). She pointed her finger with one arm curved at her waist and warned Kieran to stop harrassing her. I tried to catch a photo but was too slow..However, Kieran didn't get the message or rather was too thick skinned (like all male species..) continued to harrass her. It was so funny so I decided to tease Kieran..

Me - Kieran likes Joelle....(ala sing song teasing tone) ne ne ne ne ne..

Kieran - (wah instantly embarassed and attacked me with his head!) Nooooooooooo...keep quiet!

Me - You keep chasing her wat..means u like her la!

Kieran - NooOOOOOOO!! Stop it!

Me - muahahahahahahaa...

So cute lor! Too bad Joelle refused to have a photo with him..


Zara's Mama said...

Why go and tease Kieran ah?? Let him chase girls lar.. he needs the practice for the marathon in the furture. :P

blurblur said...

Hahaha...Kieran so cute!

But i think hor, girls tend to be more mature than boys? My Damien also damn childish (erm, he's still a child mah, or should i say 'babyish') as compared to my friend's daughter who's same age as him..;)

huisia said...

Don't debunk him, maybe he likes the girl so much!

I don't think you still able to buy summer stuff in October, you have to wear some light jacket or wind-coat to withstand the intermittent strong wind occasionally. Don't worry, the strong wind just on and off, you won't meet it if the weather is good.

Actually most of the shops are selling autumn wear now.

Sasha said...

Wah So small know how to tackle girls edi!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Ha ha Kieren got rejected, so cute!

AceOne said... hold hands 'la la toi' anot?

mom2ashley said...

mommy is so naughty!