Friday, September 01, 2006

Kid's Imagination

I was busy on the computer and Kieran was as usual loittering around (he has some of his toys/equipment in the office) playing on his own. Well I think this is better than him upstairs cos if he's down here there is no chance of bashing mei mei up!

Then I turned around and saw this. He was as usual talking to himself and I can't really hear what he was mumbling about. I asked him lor.

Me - Darling..what are you doing?

Kieran - Playing la..

Me - I know..playing what? (I bought the easel for him to draw draw/write write wat but he wasn't lor)

Kieran - (grinned at me..) hehheh..BUS! I'm fixing the bus (notice the ruler, one of the tools he's using to fix the bus)

Me - ?? huh?? bus?? what bus?

Kieran - this is a bus (hand gesturing at the drawing easel)

Me - bus?? (really puzzled) where's the driver?

Kieran - (pointed to himself proudly) ME!!

Me - ?!?!?!?! (clueless..)

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Oscar's Mommy said...

kieran's so cute... oscar also talks to himself while playing.. sometimes giggled until very scary wan.... eeeeee