Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fruitful Holiday

Yay! I finally completed yet another Korean Drama Series, yes I'm kinda behind, it's an old one titled Winter Sonata, starring the "lar pek" (girlish, ok I hope not many fans of him come after me!) Bae Yong Jun aka Aunty "Sat Sau" (majority fans are aunties!) and the famous Choi Ji Woo. Frankly I don't know how this actress is like one of the top Korean actress cos I really cannot tahan (stand) her lor cos her roles are mainly sobby and has a cham (pathetic) face. Found this drama kinda draggy but the soundtrack of songs really chun (good) leh! In fact I'm learning to play a few of the songs from the soundtrack on the piano...wish me all the best!!

Other than that, I still managed to cook chicken rice for lunch, and pack it for LaundryApah who went to the new house to assemble all the Ikea stuff I bought over 3 - 4 Ikea sales..I think!

Apah-Eh what is dat ah? (pointing to one of the Ikea furniture)

Amah-Huh? Dat one? ya hor..wat is dat ah? I oso dunno wor.. (sei/die lor, bought it so many moons ago I can't remember I even bought it and I have no freaking idea what it is for summore!)

Then we tried to get Kylie to sleep but she's just too excited in a new environment (yeah we hardly go back) and she kept running up and down on the platform in the masterbedroom. I guess she was fascinated with the sound of her footsteps. Then I went to check on Apah and horrors of horrors he was assembling the Ikea chair! I screamed!!!!!!

Amah-Why you assemble this? Ayo!! Look! Your handprints all over the white cloth!!!!!!

Apah-You ask me to assemble all the furniture I know? (apah's favourite I know?) And my hands are dirty from the work I've been doing ma! assemble the others ma, the ones that are not vulnerable to dirt, look what you've done? Now the thing dirty and you still continue! So bodoh one!

Apah-Eh..this work is not easy la, look at my fingers, all sore! This is hardwork ok!

Amah-Hardwork and you do this! I dun care, take it out! Now got to wash it!

Apah-No need la, later will cover with the outer cushion cannot see one..

Amah-Eh since most parts of your body will be covered by your clothes, don't wash them la!

Apah-Ok Ok Ok......(grumbling, complaining....)

Amah-???????? Chi sin!

Kieran was as usual trying to be helpful but turned out bothering daddy and daddy occasionally cried out, "Why you bring the kids??? Haiyerrrrrrrrrr....." So we didn't stay too long before daddy threw another fit...On the way out, Kieran was whining about something so I decided to stopover McDs drive-in to get him an ice cream. Wah his tears dried up instantly! When I wound down the window and started ordering, I realised I only had like RM4 in my wallet! HOrrers! Quickly apologised to the guy (so embarassing!) and zoomed out to ATM to tit tit tit...o-gain! Thank goodness the Atm was like a few doors away from that place!


AceOne said...

Fuiyohh..Laundryapah oso kenot play play ohhhh wif Amah.


jazzmint said...

wah..luckily u checked the purse first, if not order oredi no money to pay lagi paiseh

piggyhooooo said...

wah..laundryamah so fierceeeeeee....kakaka

Oscar's Mommy said...

wah! you always lidat with no $$ in purse you not sked meh? put some $$ in the glove compartment la like me. hehe, so moving in when? apah just being helpful, dont scold him la... sore fingers some more ....

Helen said...

hahhahaaha.. you're one of those gifted peeps who has a knack for DIY furnitures. Good for you. Actually, I can do it too, but, I know when to act dumb so I can go for my afternoon nap. **evil laugh*

Talking about Mc D ice cream, the cone cost RM1 only.. lol

mott said...

Haha.. farnee! Poor L-apah..all that work, kena scolding somemore! Kieran smart boy ah... cry cry cry, get ice-cream!! Clever!!! This trait from who ah? LOL!

laundryamah said...

aceone-ayo amah wont simply scold ppl wrong sure kena la!

jazz-somehow had that feeling that i didn't hv enuf cash ler..hahaha

piggyhooo-traits from the family of u know who!

oscarmom-ayooo..if u were there oso u will pengsan la!

helen-hahaha..i oso can do one but since there's the man, let him handle la! i was getting the choc sundae and the happy meal cos of the new toy so errr...RM4 not enuf ler..

mott-that LApah ah...alwiz liddat one lor...Kieran...hmmm the whining part is definitely from the father!

shooi said...

Never watched W.Sonata before, but it is showing on TV (again) now. Saw glimpses of it once it a while and it seems such a drag. Donno why it was such a big hit.

huisia said...

Wow, Amah so fierce to scold Apah, but Apah also quite good as he didn't scold you back and give you his face color LOL.

Allyfeel said...

I just finished my korean series during the holiday too, I watched "Full House". It was pretty nice. Hehe, my first modern korean series. But some scenes also quite draggy one.