Monday, November 06, 2006

Studio Photos

This post is way overdue and I promised the Studio representative that I will blog about how horrigible she was!

I had wanted to take the kids to take studio photos for quite some time but somehow didn't get down to it until Sasha introduced me to this place. The studio is actually located in Desa Hartamas but they had a temporary booth at Giant Kelana Jaya during the Hari Raya break. So we initially wanted to go together-gether with AnnieQ and Oscar's mommy but at the end only I made it.

They had an offer of RM38.00 for 4 pieces 4R photos, but come on, after all the trouble will you settle for just that 4 pieces of photo? Well, I was definitely prepared to spend more than that and I wanted 8R photos too. It was difficult to capture shots of Kylie as she couldn't sit still and kept wandering away.

Before we actually agreed to get on with this, I asked if the photos can be ready there and then and she quickly replied yes as they had all the equipment there. After the kids were done, they quickly transfered the photos into the computer for selection. They've taken I think over 60+ shots and we need to select the best of the bestest of course as extra photos cost a BOMB! I repeat a BOMB! During the selection process, the girl sat so close to me and kept resting her hand on my lap! Yucks lor, and she talked to me as if she knew me from childhood days! Please la, and she was so pushy and kept insisting almost evey photo was too good to be deleted.

She nearly conned me into taking the 5R size but the price was just too steep. So I ended up with 18 shots, a CD of the photos, 2 x 8R photos and the price was voila.....RM220+. When she wanted to get me to take this and that I said I didn't have enough cash with me, so she quickly said can pay deposit first. When she finallised the bill she asked for full payment! This was after I rejected this and that.

Me- (very angry by now..) Eh I thought u said can pay deposit?

Girl-Err..but I wrote down full payment paid wor...

Me-(WTF!!??!) Ok when can I get the photos? come at this date..(like 2 weeks time!)

Me-(WTF!?? )I thought can do it there and then one?? I am very unhappy about this and definitely will kutuk you guys!


Can't make a scene as the place was very public!

So, thank goodness the rest of the gang didn't make it so they don't end up contributing so much cash to them and end up like so frustrated. So don't forget this place called Studio One in Desa Hartamas, DON'T EVAR GO THERE!!!!!!!!!! The photos are not of exceptionally good quality and the photographer is so young like one young ciku student!


Sasha said...

finaly u posted the pics...

Helen said...

The pictures are cute but like you said, the price is pretty steep. :-) I guess the most frustrating thing was not just the price but the way these ppl conduct business. They know mothers will be willing to fork out any amt for their children and they hold on to this weakness.

Lucky those pics look great... at least not all is lost. :-)

mott said...

nvm la..kieran n kylie can posing-posing ah!! Ada gaya, ada cute-ness. Just sorry for the amah la.. tada duit ler..!!!

Samm said...

If me, the girl wld kena kau kau. But, got nice-nice photos.... errr, at least something lah, hoh.

AceOne said...

Thanks for sharing. the girl sales gimmick terror la.

jazzmint said...

wah teruk punya gimmick hoh..but the pics are nice :)

Wennnn said...

Wah Amah, if I were there with U ah tat sales girl sure kenot tahan kena bitch man!!!!! How can she do biz like tat!! Somemore u wan to gip her face ah!! Forget it la tis ppl ah no nid gip face la!! My sister went to do her wedding pic also they are like tat!! U hv 2 bitch them back one!! If not they will hold on to ur weakness!! I did mine too and at first they said like this and like tat but in the end they hv to give in to me la!! Sad I am the bitch fr London!1 Kakkakkaka

Annie Q said...

nice picture!Amah ok lah..worth it,u got picture and CD oh..But the service is bad lo!U know u lucky only end up with 220+ my sis in law end up with 400+!!!Same studio!

laundryamah said...

sasha-i got to la, remember i told the salesgirl i will kutuk them!

helen-i guess the photos were ok but just the sales girl deserve a kick in the ass!

mott-ya lor..amah tada duit n kena raba raba dai peh summore!

samm-ya ler i wud kena her max if I were in their shop, at least not around public place ma..

aceone-dun learn ah..

jazzmint-hmm..the pics were like ok la...a lot were like blur blur one cos Kylie was moving about

wenn-i remember i made a scene at the place where my wedding photos were taken, and i managed to get what i wanted, but that was in the shop, this time round i was kinda not in the right place!

annie-if the sales girl was good, i depart with money is noting one! but she so teruk!

Allyfeel said...

AMa, u shld have asked me ma...I got a place where you can get 18 shots for only RM190. Very good service and award winning photographer somemore. kekekeke....but already over la. dun think too much.

Your boy and girl look so "leng chai, leng lui" in the photo la.

huisia said...

Aiyo, like kena tipu LOL!
Why i can't see the pictures?

laundryamah said... time la..

huisia-photos on top Slide show..

IMMomsDaughter said...

Lucky the pix look goodlah. A little expensive, though and if I were you, I'd have made a scene, public place or not!