Monday, July 31, 2006

My Neverending Shopping Spree..

I tell you ah, I really don't have willpower when it comes to shopping. After my Bangkok trip last month, I said I must not shop anymore as I really bought a lot of stuff during that trip. I told my colleague, I don't think I can buy anything here in KL after Bangkok, as the shopping is much more worth it in Bangkok, and I added that I will only do all my future shopping from Bangkok only, meaning, a yearly trip to Bangkok is a must! Gosh, I'm so eating up my words now as I've been shopping non-stop since last week! I went to Zara like 3 times in a row, and at all 3 times, I bought something, all over RM200+!! Gosh! I am so doom-ded! (Actually I've already bought quite a bit on the first day they started their sale, meaning I've been there like 4x!!)

The trip there last week was like kind of accidental, as I was with a customer/friend who accompanied me to my son's future primary school. Well she's the one who helped me pull strings into that school la, so I wanted to buy her lunch in appreciation to her! So we ended up in One Utama, as the parking was hassle free and there were a wide variety of food to choose from. Well, since we were there, she wanted to shop around for a while and the rest is history la!

But then I still felt dissatisfied due to limited time there, so I went again on Sunday. Kids were a riot but still managed 40 minutes in Zara alone!

Today was really another accident case, as I took my hubby's uncle and aunty out for lunch as I needed their address accompanied with phone bill for the admission into the primary school. (Yes their address is very close to that school). So, guess where they suggested for lunch? Yes, bingo...One Utama! And to my surprise, aunty although much much my senior, is very hip! She really enjoyed shopping in Zara and even bought a couple of tops. We actually spent 3 hours shopping this afternoon! Gosh! So doom-ded o-gain.

But aunty was quite upset at the end as one of the tops she chose was not a sale item. She felt cheated as the top was amongst the mountain of sale items (you know those pile of clothes piled on top of another on a table/wide bin). On top of that, the item was kinda worn out and we really felt it was not worth paying at full price. Unfortunately, aunty fell in love with the top and couldn't part with it and the item was the last piece they had.

The Zara manager blamed it on customers throwing the item around but isn't it their responsiblity to sort the clothes out?? The price tag on the top was not properly tagged so of course aunty presumed it was a sale item, in fact I would too! Terrible, boo to Zara for this incident! I have always been a fan of their clothes eventhough the clothes are a little pricey and even after sale, they are not much cheaper too! So, we naturally expected better service than that! Don't you think so??

Was running late as I still had a delivery to do. When I reached the customer's place, I found items missing, meaning my staff didn't properly checked the items when they loaded into my car. On top of that, they didn't even hook up the steam iron and I had to complete the job with my not so expert hands, plus borrowed tool from customer and ended up cutting my finger! GRRRRRRRR,,,,they are so getting a spanking tomorrow!!

1st pix - Left blouse from Zara and right halter from P & Co! (I could never fit into anything form P & Co but this blouse is like so fitting man! WOH!!

2nd pix - I bought the same blouse in Zara Bangkok last month but full price. So after seeing the same item half the price here, I damn thoo-lan oredi so die-die also must buy one more just to balance back. What theory is this..I also don't know..

3rd pix - Both tops from Zara

1st pix - Left blouse from MNG and green cardi from Zara

2nd pix - Top from Zara and shorts from MNG (it was the last item and one aunty was holding on to it, aiya she can't fit into it la but she kept holding on to it so I had to hang around her to wait for her to put it back on the rack!)

3rd pix - More clothes for my princess, I know...too much leow but couldn't resist la....


MyLittleChampion said...

wa.. you so 'geng' ah.. like that also can shop ah?! hehe, never mind la.. retail therapy is a must!

Anonymous said...

I want to see what stuff you have bought from Zara.... Because we don't have Zara here in Melb

Wendy ~ ~

Flowsnow said...

Oh man woman! You are in the wrong profession! You should have been a fashion model or in the retail sector not cleaning people's clothes. are definitely addicted to blogging. And now who said or day to say that blogging is wasting time? LOL

AsleyLee said... really like Zara huh?
Now i think you are already become Laundry-Pretty-Aunty!

Anonymous said...

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