Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Daddy Away again..

Oopss it's past midnight and I'm still on the computer, it's ok, daddy is not here and will be away till Thursday,,,meaning I have to put the kids to bed?? Nah,,,maid can take over. Really I'm a bad mom. Came back late yesterday and went straight to the computer and caught up with my daily blog updating and surfing other blogs! Dinner time also don't know how to go up and eat with my kids. Ok I admit la....I'm a horrible mummy.

The maid made only yong taufoo (which is really bland for the kids cos they can't eat it with the yummy chilly sause) and fried cabbage with prawns for dinner. Simple menu since daddy not around. And my dumbo son has to request the maid to blend his dinner only because maid has been doing this to mei mei's food, so he kiasu la, wants also. Now, can you imagine blended taufoo with cabbage..ayooo...I can imagine how yucky is that! I dare not even post the photo of the yucky paste, if not whoever sees it sure vomit la!

That poor boy was so miserable, but I had to force him to eat the yucky paste just to make him realise what he did was so dumb. I had to hide his Narnia toys (his current obsession, I should post a photo of how he plays with his Narnia toys, he arranges the army just like in the movie and gets really upset if Mei Mei attempts to trample over them!) in order to force him to swallow a few more spoonfuls of the yucky paste! I know that was so cruel of me but who asked him to be so smart?? Hopefully he learns the lesson and never request his dinner to be blended!

Mei Mei however, happily gobbled down her blended food, really she eats up anything that we put in her mouth! She was even asking for more, by climbing up kor kor's chair to reach for his yucky paste! Oh it was hilarious! I keep telling myself I must record all these dramas on video but I'm just too lazeee...hopefully this blog will be a good enough caption for memory sake.


mom2ashley said...

hey there...thanks for visiting my blog!

Flowsnow said...

Hey....don't call your son dumbo la! Remember dear this is for public viewing...:D.
You poor thing...looks like when the cat is away the mouse begins to play. Notti!