Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I must say I am a major blunder as I just spent half an hour writing my 1st posting and totally lost it after previewing it and not saving it! SO!! Here goes, why I have delayed starting this blog, because of fear of how to start it and how to maintain it and bla bla bla...

What the heck I shall re-start o-gain...

Today has been quite a day for me as it confirms what I always say is so so true, "Nothing comes free in this world" and "Cheap thing No Good & Good thing No Cheap"

I was supposedly booked for a FREE Hair Colouring Session organised by Loreal (so called International brand) at their "so -prestigious-looking academy on Jalan Telawi Bangsar, KL today at 2 p.m. I dragged a friend along of course. As we all know, it's almost impossible to get a parking space at that place on a weekday afternoon, and we almost jumped for joy when we found one in a shaded area and not too far from that dreadful academy. Why did I say dreadful?? Well, horrors of horrors, our appointment was not confirmed and we have already put in coins into the parking metre for 2.5 hrs! On top of having no hair colour treatment, we had to come across 2 obnoxious staff members of Loreal. My, how can they have such rude employees? The person in charge had no decency to return calls and emails and has the cheek to give all sorts of excuses, as if talking to some major cheap aunties trying to bulldoze in for free hair treatments. He said that we must adhere to their so-called criteria (which was not given in their invitation) and hence he was not able to give us the appointment. I think it's pretty clear cut, we responded to an invitation for the session and tried to book an appointment, with full understanding that this should be a first-come-first-serve basis. All they have to do is come back to us with a YES or NO. Why keep us in the dark? It's not that we cannot afford this bloody hair colouring but we have actually merely responded to an invitation for something that is offered FREE OF CHARGE!

Lesson for the day : Do not fall for such offers anymore! I emphasise o-gain and o-gain (oh why i use o-gain instead of again, my son used to say that when he was little) and Nothing is free in this world! AROSO?!?! (Why I chose the Korean version of Got it?!?! Well I'm so addicted to Korean dramas at this moment and am so fascinated with their language and particularly this word!!)

Oh gosh, I have been also trying to make a copy of my favourite Korean Drama, "My Name is Kim Sam Soon". Please do not get me wrong here, I am not trying to start a piracy business, I have acutally bought the original DVDs but want to keep a copy just in case it gets missing or destroyed by my watching the series o-gain and o-gain. YES, I am that mad! And the copying of the first DVD has started since this afternoon around 4 - 5 p.m. but it's still copying at 56% at 12.36a.m.!! Gosh, this confirms I am so behind time with computers and how I am going to maintain this blog is going to be a real challenge to me! So, my more expert blogger friends, SOS!!!!!!


fussygal said...

laundryamah.....AROSO! hehe.
finally came out with a blog ehhhh? why not post some pictures with b*y**b*y post? =P

Flowsnow said...

Haha....dear Laundry Amah! This is definitely you Ms Piggie. At last she started to blog. Good. Keep up the gd spirit and always thank you for your kind support reading my blog. :D