Sunday, August 20, 2006


After reading post from Zara's mom I remembered that Kieran also fan of blocks. He's been playing with this set of blogs since many moons ago. Occasionally he will still dig them out and build his "castle". He will be very proud of it and makes sure both daddy and mommy sees it. :D Now there's mei mei and she will of course come and play along la so he gets really upset lor..

Kieran - Mommieeeeeeeee, look baby coming to destroy my building!

Me - Aiya, it's ok build again lor..

Kieran - Noooooooo...take her away ok!


flowsnow said...

wah so man slide shows and also photobucket and also video. You don't mind `airing' your videos and photos to the public - as in easily access. I know youtube does that to all videos. Correct me if I am wrong.
Blocks are good toys....even I love to play with them myself.:D

LaundryAmah said...

yes can view easily through youtube..nevermind cos got protection from the LORD!

AsleyLee said...

My son loves blocks and lego very much as well, he can build a lot of "structures" now and he would tell me where is the toilet, where is the kitchen, where is the bedroom and etc..

Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee.. he's 'constructing' complex building, but Zara is still just stacking up blocks. :)

LaundryAmah said...

asley - wah ur son terror la..future architect!

Zara's mama - he's a guy and older summore..of course ler..