Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Life Just Shortened by 10 years

Kieran's Sports Day

Had to be there by 7.30 a.m so it was naturally havoc la, getting ready of a kid who's got this whiningitis problem and also a 14 month old so early is not easy leh. Lagi maid has to drive me up the wall by misplacing certain things which I need at that point of time! That took maybe 3 years off..

Then had to bring customer to get something from Petaling Street so took the opportunity to visit one vely vely old restaurant which my dad used to go very often when he was around. But to my dismay, it's not as happening as before. Weyo?

  • There were only like 3 - 4 tables of customers (used to be pack on Saturdays)
  • Staff look very dead, in fact some oredi deaded

  • Food not so good, the char siu that used to melt in your mouth was like rubber..

  • The loyal and regular customers are either deaded or going to be deaded

  • Since they upgraded and converted the road to pedestrians only, the roadside shops have expanded and kinda overshadowed the shops and hence the chance for new potential customers is very low

Sad lor cos this place bring back sweet memories of my dad.. :(

Usual hair done on Saturdays and couldn't catch a nap cos the blower goes like brrrrr and endless chatter in very loud Hokkien between the hairdresser and her visiting sister..

Sudden bout of energy
Thought I could catch a nap but no lor cos I asked the maid to bring something out from the fridge and she has no idea what I was talking about. Then I noticed that the fridge was so freaking dirty and packed to the max. Weyo?

  • I don't think maid has ever cleaned it since the day she came which was last November

  • I had enough ikan bilis to re-sell, packed in three different packages, maid obviously forgot about the older batch and asked me to buy new ones

  • So many expired food stuff that date back to as old as 2004! YUCKS!

  • Big containers taking up space when they are only like half or less full!

Aitelyu, this also I must handle then where got time to blog leh??

Since we took like 2 friggin hours to clean the grimy fridge, we ran late in preparing dinner and lil princess is awake with no food prepared! Major stressed now. Asked hubby to help prepare the dishes for dinner, meaning, lay the table ler but guess what? He went to wash the dirty dishes in the sink! Ok fine, got the wrong message, told him off and guess what he did? He started washing some big noodle bowls..errrr...hello!! FOR WHAT?? We are having rice!!

Me - Hello! What are you doing?

Hubby - Get ready la

Me - What's the bowl for?

Hubby - I don't know..

Me - (Boiling by now, I think 90degs) What?!? Dishes, u know the usual dish we need for eating rice?? Helllloooooooooo...

Hubby - Say la! How I know and these bowls are like on the dining table ma..

Me - (If I had a weak heart, I would have had a heart attack by now) Then you could've asked what the bowls were for right??

Hubby - Mumbling and grumbling..

Me - I would have expected this from the maid but not from you who's educated and manager of bla bla bla...

Hubby - Kuhlmanhe! (ENOUGH!)

Me - (Would be pronounced deaded by now really....) Why do you keep arguing when it's so obvious that you are wrong??

Weyo?? Why can't men just admit that they are wrong one??



yummlicious said...

lol. that's how man are..isn't..

nyonyapenang said...

chill, chill my fren.
aiyah, to the men, bowl or plate all the same wan lah - as long as the food taste good can ledi. LOL

nyonyapenang said...

btw, 'kulmanhe' - what language is that? korean?

piggyhooooo said...

hehehe. this is me blog.

LaundryAmah said...

yummlicious - ya lor..thks for dropping by!

nyonya - haha for mua hubby food doesn't taste good oso can! sei moh? yes kulmanhe = korean! me major fan!

ahjoooo - welcome back to bloggin!

AsleyLee said... i understand why you said life would be shortened by 10 years!

flowsnow said...

Living with a man can be `hellish'. Yes they are MCPs and egoistic to a certain extent. Yes they are `always right' and you are `always wrong'. But again....what the big deal..let them win lor! When they get bigger, and bigger they will eventually explode. Sorry guys, I live with one and seen too many to give credit! Again we still need them to feed the family...or is it the other way around? ~meanie

jazzmint said...

haiyaa....hubby sometimes can really drive u up the wall

Sasha said...

How come your husband talk like my hubby wan??

IMMomsDaughter said...

Heh heh, don't we all have one of these days?

LaundryAmah said...

Asley - Yah..going to be deaded soon!

Flowsnow - He's not MCP but just bodoh only!

Jazzmint, Sasha & Imoms - who asked us to get married????

Zara's Mama said...

Men mah.. ask them to help.. can bang wall and die one.