Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Neverending bullying

I can see the scene of my brother bullying me when we were kids now in my son and daughter! Kieran is really the big bully, in fact he has been bullying my brother's daughter as they spend the afternoons together at my mom's place. Due to the fact that my brother was such a bully (in fact till now!) I'm not too sympathetic towards my niece lor! Payback time ma!! Muahahahahahar...

Anyway, the way Kieran bullies Kylie is quite bad lor, he trips her from behind or pushing her down etc etc..very horrible + terrible lor..But occasionally he will be a nice kor-kor entertaining his mei-mei. Here's a video as proof! But then again looks kinda dangerous hor..


Zara's Mama said...

aiyo.. Kylie didn't get dizzy with all the spinning??

Your kids really having a good time in the office huh?

LaundryAmah said...

Ya very strange lor, she really liked it and was giggling non stop!

flowsnow said... back time..muhahahahhaha..I am equally evil like you. YOu must repent, God says you must forgive and forget. For me....I have yet to fogive or ever forget. Still venting out steam!