Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trip To Ipoh

Ok this is going to be quite long also..solly ler..so long winded..nevermind ler since I've not had entries for so many days!

Wah driving up alone is really no fun plus I had to maintain the speed limit. Stopped over at Bidor for lunch. I was looking for a parking but noticed most of the parking spaces were taken up by bicycles! Yes bicycles not motorcycles. I had to move one bicycle in order to just squeeze in and yet have the butt of my car sticking out like a sore thumb! But me being the not so experienced blogger forgot to take pictures lor. Anyway, I hate eating alone so I practically gobbled down the famous duckleg noodle and rushed off.

The moment I reached Ipoh I went straight to my customer's place to try and sort things out. Managed to meet up with the 2 managers but the FC still refused to see me lor :(. So no choice I got to stay overnight and go back the next morning.

Spent the night at my dad's best friend place. He's the kind of friend who stood by dad thru thick and thin. We used to go up to visit every year without fail during Chinese New Years. Now that dad's gone, we hardly go up but I will occasionally drop by to visit, well to maintain contact for situations like this, u know emergency place to stay on short notice!
As usual they will take good care of me and take me out for yummylicious meals. When we finished dinner they asked if I wanted to taste like the best Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup in town for supper! Wow, my dinner haven't even settled in and we are thinking about supper! Of course, we went lor. It's in Ipoh Garden, the place is located in the row perpendicular to Bank Bumiputera Commerce.

The next morning I had to go back and see if my persistence can soften the FC's heart. I saw her inside the office but she still refused to see me and said that she was busy the whole day. I went to see the Housekeeping manager and tried to find out if she's still that angry. The manager was really a nice guy and he explained to me the reason and asked me not to worry. It's not me that they are crossed with, they are just very unhappy with the way my brother has been behaving. Sigh...really so sad la...

Anyway, immediately after that sob sob meeting, another customer came by to take me out for second helping of breakfast at Old Town Ipoh! Yeah!!!! That's where you find really yummy keow teow soup and popiah.


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. you have to go to Ipoh to make ammends to customer huh?

And all by yourself?

LaundryAmah said...

ya lor..sob sob..ya i usually time my outstation calls when my hubby can come with me but this time the problem too serious oledi...cannot wait!

MyLittleChampion said...

you poor thing... next time i tag along ah.. choi, no no next time..

flowsnow said...

mouth watering food....now you got me hungry in the middle of the night and how the ** am I going to trim down....better not post anymore food pictures, it's killing me!