Friday, August 04, 2006

Second Video

Ok, clever oredi so this is the second video I'm uploading. This one is really funny as I was actually taking a video of Kylie but Kieran suddenly tried to steal the limelight...

Ok I admit that I'm becoming slightly bias towards my girl...hehe...can't help it.


MyLittleChampion said...

wa sure support la... next time got KSS video sure rating/comments 'naik' like share market wan!

flowsnow said... video snapping? I wonder what else you have not done! Great! At least you are having fun. Now I can see the addiction crawling and eating into you.....haha! soon another 5xmoms? or......better the coming next TV Smith II?

I am also addicted to your blog.

LaundryAmah said...


aiya me not that terror like 5xmom la,,,actually it's ppl like u n her have become my inspirasi la..hahaha.. Thks for the encouragement!

nicktay said...

Thats soooo cute!!!