Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Trial Uploading a Video

Trying to upload a video of Kylie playing peekaboo at the office. That's the playpen that's been with us since Kieran was a baby. I'm going to sell the playpen so I thought I better upload the video for memories...Aiya don't know whether the upload is successful or not. Never try never know...

Aiya cannot lor..failure...must seek help oredi.. myself cannot lor, thanks to DareNTiff and Oscar's mom, finally can but I still screwed up the mode, so now editing only in HTML mode ler....Really chanllenging la this blogging business but FUN!


mom2ashley said...

video mana? have to paste the link in the html page, not in the compose mode....

LaundryAmah said...

Ashley's mom - Ayo really blur la dunno where to put ma. Somemore now screw up the edit page cannot change back the doom-ded.

dareNtiff said...

Hey there.. Wah i so impress you got your own blog! :) good job!! Laundry Amah! :) hehe

I upload all my videos to Youtube.

Here what you can do.
1. Register (its free) for a youtube account (

2. Once you registered, you can upload any videos there (not bigger than 100MB).
2a. You can put in "tags" to help people find your videos easier. Example if you put LaundryAmah as a tag, that would be unique!

3. Once you have uploaded, youtube will display a page which gives you two codes.
3a. 1st Code is a HTML link
This link will link you to the webpage to view the video
3b. 2nd Code is an Embed HTML Code, which all you need to do is COPY & PASTE into your blog (you do not need to go to HTML mode to paste it)

4. Viola! You have a Video on your blog.

If still tak jadi .. call me lah and i walk you thru it step by step! :)


MyLittleChampion said...

wa see... ask for help online is always better than anything... wuarharharhar... salute technology!