Friday, August 11, 2006

Stress at Work

Ok, WARNING this is going to be long! What does Laundryamah do for a living? Well I sell laundry equipment and all sorts of detergent & chemicals to laundries from Dobi shops and also some hotels. Wah no joke man, I have to wash all sorts of dirty laundry leh, sometimes taifu (undergarments) oso got! (hahaha..only for demos and when customers have problem only I go and wash la...)Don't play play ah..I can kautim (remove) all sorts of stains one ah..even colour run can remove! Ah..terror or not??

Anyway, my problem now is big customers like hotels or bigger commercial laundries who use very big machines like 10 times the size of your household machine. Really la, if given a choice I would rather just sell to smaller dobi shops; enuf to eat, sleep and feed my shopping can oredi lor. Less headache. Why bigger customers cannot handle? Too much red tape and when anything goes wrong we will have to go through so many layers and have a million letters to write some more. As if I will earn more from them? NO lor..the same.

Well e.g., we just got into trouble with this hotel. We took back a part from their machine for repair but part of that thing was stolen from our us like right under our nose! This besi buruk (Metal recylcing) business really encouraging thefts oso lor. Waliau, the worse part is we didn't even realise it was stolen until we were ready to get ready to assemble the parts back. Die or not?

Anyway, I don't think I can get into details here, but one thing led to another, and all working against us lor. Really once suey, suey all the way man so customer very angry with us la. Shot us one terror warning letter really scared the "L" out of me lor. Made me toss and turn like a roti canai (pancake) on my bed last nite.

I was trying all morning to call the manager but couldn't even get her at all. I plan to see her next week lor, face and really minta ampun (apologise)and also felt bad that we didn't go and see them earlier. Why? They are located about 3 hrs from KL ma so took for granted la. No more next time, aroso??

So, the moral of the story, do not make any mistakes, once you done wrong once, they forget all the times when we have done good. Once you make a blunder, do not try to avoid and prolong the agony. Honesty is the best policy and always APOLOGISE first!


Sasha said...

eyer..which hotel so "ter" wan? Dun tell me its pan pac ah...cos my sis works there..

Anonymous said...

dun brag la amah! you ruined my wife's Prada wallet you remember or not? can "chark your chiu phai" oredi!

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. you mean so soi one? Bring the machine back for repair and then someone stole some parts from the machine? Aiyo..

Btw, who's this anon?

LaundryAmah said...

sasha - hotel not in kl..

aiya sorry la..john, that time not so clever more experienced ma..hahhaha..

zara's mama - ya lor soi max!

MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo, must *kick* john's backside ah... why must remind us of that wallet ler...??

flowsnow said...

Oh scolding in the comment column. Looks like blogging has become an avenue like a `mamak stall'. Muhahhahahha....or a permenant ICQ chat column. Poor thing...yes always correct the problem immediately. Whatever it is be a misunderstanding, settle immediately cos u don't know what goes on the other persons' mind esp when it comes to personal issues. It's always easier to remember the `bad part' of the event than to remember the good part. Isn't it like that at work all the time?