Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why you shouldn't have kids in your office!

Friends used to say this to me, "Lucky la you, can have the kids around you even in the office.." Yeah, in a way yes, but are some reasons and photos why it's not that great an idea also..

1st pix - Kylie wasmessing up my recycle box (yes we practise recycling waste paper, under my strict orders, no paper no matter how scrappy or small must end in recycling box which we send to recycling centre once in a while)

2nd pix - Kylie was pulling the rubber piece on the partition wall. Actually most of the rubber pieces were removed by Kieran when he was younger. Now, Kylie has taken over his job.

Pix on left is of a leaf door that has been "wood-pecked" by Kieran a couple of years ago. He managed to "peck" the door so fast while my my staff was off to for her toilet break! I can't remember what he used to "peck" the wood but it was something sharp la! Teruk (terrible) or not?

The other thing that really gets to me is when both of them decide to just press the "off" button on my computer, and I don't know why of all the computers, they only attack mine! GRRRRRRRRRR


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. can bring the kids to work.. how nice..

For me.. I can work from home.. also nice. :P

LaundryAmah said...

Zara Mama, haha you are very funny and that's why I enjoy reading your blog! I was reading your old entries and was thinking to myself, wah scary man, I said b4 that we had similar cases and I too happened to have experienced a miscarriage just like yours...eeeearie....