Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Piano & More school problems....

Oh guess what?? I finally bought a piano, 1.5 years late, cos Kieran started learning piano March 2005. It was a difficult decision as I didn't know where to put the piano. There is a piano (my old one) at mom's place but the last time the tuner came, he told me the piano should not last long, like say not more than 2 years and should be like scrap oso waste time! Even if the piano was ok, Kieran will not be practising without me around. So, the piano has to be where both Kieran and I will be around during some part of the day.

So finally, decided the piano has to be in the office! No now with the new piano, meaning I have to brush up my playing too, so the hunt for a teacher shall start next week!

What has school problems got to do with this piano story? Well the guy who sold me the piano happens to be some supplier of computer products to Chinese Primary Schools too! So, he told me that he's quite close to the HMs, and one of them is the school of my first choice!!!!!! ARRGGHHH!! Why didn't I get around to this piano buying business?? But then again, I wouldn't be talking about this school topic then right?? Ya..ya...So he offered to talk to the HM should I wish to transfer him. Just when I have registered and paid for the orientation class! Sigh, maybe I should just transfer him and still go for the orientation class, then only cancel his place there...hmmm..why not???

All these problems, and my son may not even survive in the chinese school. Weyo? (Why in Korean) Well my colleague had this conversation with him this morning;

Ms A - Hi Kieran, so, next year you will be in a new school..So are you excited? You will not be wearing this kindergarten uniform anymore, you will be wearing new uniform..

Kieran - I don't like (sad looking face) No friends....

Ms A - Why?

Kieran - I don't like Chinese.

Ms A - Why? You are attending the extra Mandarin class every Tuesdays and Thursdays, how is it?

Kieran - We are not allowed to speak English in that class, but when we want to say secret, we will whisper in English...(he smiles)

Ayo, die la like that. Maybe we pushed him too hard with the Mandarin, but I can't help it as I know it's going to much more worse when he gets to Standard 1.. Sigh,,,really parenting business is really not easy task la, I think I can tackle very difficult customers and major dirty laundry without such stress la...


Zara's Mama said...

It's good to have connections huh? When you want to send a kid to a Chinese school..

Gosh, my turn will come.. :(

So Kieren plays the piano now?

LaundryAmah said...

Hi Zara mama, no worries, due to this school hunt process, I have come to know many connections to various schools. Let me know when it's your turn! hahahaha...

I can't say Kieran is playing the piano very well, still a beginner. I am actually hoping he will eventually learn the violin too.Very ambitious mom..