Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just another day....

I used to brag about Kieran being able to sit in his car seat since he was a baby. But now I can't say the same for Kylie. She's so fussy and she can't sit still, emm..maybe for first 10 minutes of the ride with all of us in the car trying our very best entertaining her. When we run out of ideas, this happens....

I have tried scolding, giving her toys etc and now I keep a cane in the car but she just wails and wails and wails....pening la..summore stress being on the road itself having to meet bozo drivers all the time.
Whiningitis Major

We are now talking about Kieran, he's at 4th stage Whiningitis, in fact it's like incurable..scary or not? He whines most of the time especially about food. I am almost at wits end when it comes to feeding times. I try to starve him but he curi curi makan (eats behind my back) junk food before meal times. But the only time he eats well is when I cook spaghetti or eat out at his favourite restaurant! Actually, he just hates Chinese cooking and especially rice. So, that explains the skin and bones and how he can squeeze in the green rocking thingy! Following is a photo of him whining about something with LaundryApah. He was actually pulling daddy's legs and didn't allow him to walk off!

Playdough Recipe
Thot of sharing the playdough recipe since Zara Mama asked for it...
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoon cream of tartar (cannot omit according to person who gave this recipe)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
3/4 - 1 cup water (drop 1 - 2 drops food colouring inside)
  1. Mix dry ingredients in sausepan/pot
  2. Add water and oil into the dry ingredients
  3. Cook on stove on medium heat and stir constantly (like less than a minute it kinda forms ledi)
  4. When it feels stiff like mashed potato, take it out and knead for about 2 minutes
  5. Store in container when finished playing.
Note: If the dough kinda sticks to hands or table, just add plain flour.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Wah...you still manage to snap photos while Kylie is crying. If I were you, already gone crazy. hehehehe.. Have you tried using the cane or just show it to her?

mott said...

phowarrrr!!!! major drama queen! I wonder why she's behaving this way. Curious curious. My No.2 so swakoo...he's so happy just to go out..Sit in Carseat, he gets excited!!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, my No.1 also got the whinginitis major bug. LORD ONLY KNOWS WHY!!!

When he whines, I'll tell him if he wanna whine..he can go to his room and whine. And this is even if we're outside.

It backfires sometimes. ;-(

Annie Q said...

thanks for sharing the playdough recipe!!
Eh Kylie real can whines oh!See the first picture..hehe!!Next time i also must take my son photo when he whine! :)

jazzmint said...

aiyo..kylie looks so charm lahh...maybe keep her busy with food in the car? Or gotta explain to her no seat no kai kai.

hope kieran is just going thru a phase on the food.

thx for the idea on play dough, shall try it hehe

AceOne said...

On the way stop by McDonald they will be very happy jumping up and down again!!! Kakakaka

Julian said...

Whoa... maybe I should start installing baby seat now and let Raelynne kick start with it. Else later susah!

Seems like the PlayDoh is edible since its made with edible ingredients.

huisia said...

Why have to add salt?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Poor Kylie, did you start her late in using car seat. My girl started using when she could sit, so I had no prob.

Your Kieran reminds me of Ryan when he's sulking. Exactly like that and Ryan is skin & bone too even though he eats rice. I can't help laughing at Kieran refusing to let go off the daddy's leag. Lol.

laundryamah said...

momtochums-yes i've used the cane but heart almost broken into a million pieces

mott-she likes to go kai kai but will not sit on the seat for long! grrrr...

annie-she's one drama queen alright

jazz-actually food will do the trick but i try not to..dat day got cockroach in the car ler..yucks!

aceone-cannot always stop mcdonalds la..

julian-do it do it!! don't wait!

huisia-dunno why leh..recipe says so...

immoms-car seat since the day she came home from the hospital...she's so par pai one..
as for kieran, yah it was very funny but when we are in a hurry not so wor!