Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lost on the Road

Fuiyoh! Has anyone been to Sg Buloh lately?? I don't remember when I last went to that part of the world and today I had to go visit a long lost customer whom we had abandoned for 2 years or more?? Anyway, they called regarding a problem to their machine, and I realised that it's high time I visit them as I've not been there before. They were serviced by my sales executive who left our company.

My technician went straight from his house and I was supposed to meet up with him there. I went along LDP and without realising I turned into the direction of Kepong instead of Sg Buloh! Shiaks! It's such a long way to the 1st U-turn available! On top of that there were like a million orange signs which I think it's about the MRR2, and it's like so confusing lor.

Then the route towards Sg Buloh is another horrors of horrors, the roads are partially closed here and there and it's like dirt road on certain parts and there were orange and white blocks along the way! Do you realise that these orange and white road blocks are like a permanent features on the roads in Klang Valley??

Then my nightmare begins as the further I went, the more I don't recognise that place! It's like, errrr..since when these shops and flats appear ah? Hey, what happened to the flyover which I used to use to go to that authentic Thai Restaurant ah? Hey what happened to the turn off to the famous 'Bak Kut Teh'? Warao..panic maximum ledi! Called Oscar's Mom and she told me this, "Aiya that flyover long time no more ledi la..." Sei mo??

Then I just simply turned left at one junction without knowing where that leads to...and then I saw the 'Bak Kut Teh' place and thought I was in the right direction. Then I called my technician and told him that I passed the army camp (the landmark that was given to me) and then a Shell petrol station. He told me I'm on the right route and asked me to look out for a Caltex and Petronas station. I saw a Caltex but didn't see a Petronas wor! I just went on and on...and somehow it doesn't feel right and I called him again. I turned back and stopped at the Caltex I saw and realised there were a lot of Petronas tankers next to it, it was like some mini depot or something. So I called him to verify and he said he will come out to meet me. Then he called to say he's at the Caltex but I don't see him! That's when I realised that we are talking about a different Caltex station altogether!! Oh no!!!!!!!!! Then we agreed to meet at the Shell station but again it was the wrong one! Double oh no!!!!

Then I knew for sure I'm at the wrong road! So I drove back to where I came from and then YES, I saw the Shell station and there he was, waiting! Oh gosh! It's like so ngam ngam the pattern was like army camp, then Shell, then Caltex and finally Petronas! What a coincidence and confusing time for me! Major stress for the day!!!


mott said...

Aiyoo..i cannot help u ler. I also sure get lost one!!!!! buy-la the UBD map book..the latest one la!

At least you didn't panic too much!PHEW!

AceOne said...

That Sg Buloh road is still under construction. Once ready it will be very smooth!! Kakaka..i use that road often. If rain or shine that road sure jam one.!!!

nyonyapenang said...

at times like this, how i wish my car runs on water. buden water also naik harga liao.

jazzmint said... also very sked getting lost on the road..especially when on highway..if miss one turn, might end up going to ipoh mannn

Sasha said...

Sg Buloh is liddat..Many same petrol station ard la. Like Projet here and right 500m got another one. Make sure got Petrol, lots of it and hp(fully charged) if wanna travel new place!

laundryamah said... got the UBD with me la..just the construction is like so often and the signs so confusing how la..

aceone-eh..the old klang road also went thru hell last time..budden also like so jam wor!

nyonya-ya man! becos of that my full tank went to half tank!

jazz-ya place to turn one!

sasha-thank God hp was ok and there was line la!

Las montaƱas said...

wah, sg buloh my fav place ok.. lots of plant nurseries!

But, where to get that map book ah?

laundryamah said...

LM-Sg buluh nice meh? ok la the plant nurseries good la but the roads sucks! can get the map from MPH or Popular bookstores.

Shannon said...

nowadays petrol station not a good lanmark liao.... haha.... like ur case, we can be talking abot the same petrol station but in different location... and many build together.... like on purpose! haha
I will surely get lose in sg buloh, somemore all the road constructions now.... aiks.... veli scared

Tracy said...

Hahaha, u only know now about "Ma Loi Sai Ah's" roads ar? For 1 or 2 years, u don't ply dat particular place, u'll be like in an 'alien' place lor esp. the rounabouts. Now u see it, another time u go, sudah pergi mana itu roundabout? Hahaha!

huisia said...

I ever lost in Klang, OMG, it's a terrible experience as i didn't bring my handphone along too, i just drove and drove, turned and turned, so scarry when seeing the long side of the highway...

laundryamah said...

Shannon- yah lor cos the stations were like placed in the same order on two different roads!

Tracy-They say that change is good but not in this case i guess!

Huisia-Yah I was there a few weeks ago and thanks to the UBD map i still managed to find my way around...