Monday, October 16, 2006

Starting Young

I have this crazy habit of buying loads of fashion magazines...well, Amah mommy ledi but still wanna keep up with latest fashion ma...LaundryApah nags at me all the time for buying so many and I refuse to throw any of them! Yes I have magazines that date back to 1990! What do I do to lessen the pages?? I usually tear out the adverts and send to the recycling bin! Crazy or not??

Well, my magazines are like all over the place, and that day Kylie got hold of one and I managed to catch a shot of her. She's looks as if she can understand what's she looking at! Probably just imitating mommy la...

Well since a lot of mommies do this I must as well la...Progress report of Kylie:

Weight - 9.8kg as per last visit to doctor, I think should be 10 kg by now!

Teeth - 6 on the top and 6 at the bottom


  • Very aggressive girl, when she wants something she will scream for it and when she doesn't want it she will shove it away or throw it on the floor!
  • She will scream so loud whenever Kieran tries to take anything from her or even just touch her! (Cannot put them side by side in the car!)
  • She loves to go out and whenever she sees either me or daddy about to go she will run to the door hoping that she can come along, if we don't bring her she wails!
  • Makes sound like "ooo oo oo ooo" and widens her eyes whenever she sees any animals, especially with our dog, Duke. (She's the only kid in our family who's not afraid of him now..)
  • Generally very happy and expressive kiddo

She has very limited vocabulary (Lack of exposure to tv according to Oscar's Mom)

  • Uh oh yatoh (jatuh) - when something falls
  • There
  • Mumm mumm - food
  • Nen Nen - Milk
  • Wey/taddi- when calling for anyone (but for the taddi part, LaundryApah insists she's calling daddy!)
  • ta ta - Kakak (mommy so sad cos she can call kakak and not mommy yet!) : (


  • Able to point or indicate to when we say the words
  • Fan/light - points to the ceiling
  • Nose-points to her nose
  • Teeth - She grits her teeth and goes "eeeeeeeeeeeee"
  • Tongue-sticks her tongue out
  • Bye-bye-she waves her hand
  • Fly kiss-she covers her mouth and lets go with a "Mmmmm Muak!"


  • Eat non stop
  • Climbs up and down
  • Hangs on to her piggy bolster and suck her thumb
  • Screaming when excited/being bullied by kor kor/just for fun!
  • Not really interested with her own toys but gets really excited playing with other people's toys!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hi Laundryamah. I'm Barbara and a sahm to a 17 month old girl. I guess our daughters are almost the same age :) We are living in KL too, OUG to be precise. Like to read your blog. You are so funny. I just started my own blog too but don't really have time to update it. Have to run after my girl all the time :-) Take care.

mott said...

Eat non stop??? Can elaborate or not?? I so stuck for food ideas la.. porridge everyday for my No.2..I'm sure he very sian already!

huisia said...

Haha..Kylie inherited your genes for reading the fashion magazine lol!

Hey, how to encourage little kids eat non-stop? I hope this can happen to my son.

p/s: My pc is ok already, but still deprived lotsa softwares, have to download back.

Angeleyes said...

Kylie so cute with that mag. She already have the style holding mag.

mommy of two angels said...

soooo cute...wah so many teeth...lucky never bite u!! good for chowing food...hehehe

NomadicMom said...

Aiyo...start looking at mags at this age. Skali when she can really talk, she'll go "Kylie wants new shoes!! and Bags!!" Ha ha ha...

Julian said...

Colourful magazines/books always attract kids one. We have already start reading to Raelynne and buy those colourful books... A for Apple, B for Bus................... :-)

Sasha said...

wah..mau jadi fashion stylist la.

milkmaid said...

boy , they sure start young huh? Pretty soon, she'll be experimenting with your makeup gurl.

laundryamah said...

mom2chumsy-hi hi! welcome welcome n ten q! oug! then we are very close leh!!

mott&hui sia-she eats anything even the crumbs n bits on the floor/her hands/clothes oso will pick up n eat one! but my son is totally opposite,,doesn't like to eat! so cannot explain ler..

angeleyes-ya man! i didn't pass her the mag one..she took herself n incidentally right side up summore!

2angels-eh she bites la! very painful one!

nomadmom-wah die! liddat i got to work extra hard leow!

julian-but hor she doesn't like her kiddy books wor! :(

sasha-eh not bad wor..good line to be in!

milkmaid-hahaa..too bad cos i dun hv much makeup against makeup leh..

Seow Wen said...

WAH... next time she can be your little fashion advisor and soon a fashion designer liao.... hehehe....
She so cute, really see until like she totally undersatnd.... FULL concentration.... :D

Helen said...

Heh Heh your Kylie start young. SO young reading fashion mags liao?

Before long, she'll be telling you what she wants to wear. Better get your wallet ready... lol

laundryamah said...

seow wen-yalor concentrating in the wrong thing at the moment leh...hahaha

helen-ya ler..actually hor, before she was born my wallet ledi bleeding..that is the moment i found out she was a was shopping all the way!!!

u-jean said...

adorable children you have there. my mum not so lucky, she got me.

Zara's Mama said...

Is that how you look when you read your magazines?

Talk to her more, that will help. It's quite hard to pick up languages from the TV when they are younger, but when they are older, that's where they pick up new words and the accent. :P

jazzmint said...

wah wah...future model or designer hehe...i think i very outdate lah, i never buy any fashion mag for like few years oredi!!

laundryamah said...

u-jean-hey dun say liddat ler..i'm sure u were once adorable too..hehehe.. ;)

zaramama-haha dat's how i read my mags too! ya trying to make her follow what i'm saying by repeating,,thks ;)

jazz-err..daddy was saying to her before be a model but looking at her legs..i think cannot ler..short la!

Allyfeel said...

Kylie looks so serious reading the Fashion mag eh..:) Sure grow up to be a fashion sensitive leng lui.