Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unique experience

Monday 16 Oct 2006

I don’t know how this happened but yesterday Kieran was his usual menacing self the whole day until dinner time. He was just motionless and couldn’t respond to us and didn’t attempt to eat anything. He was just sitting there looking miserable. I noticed a thick discharge from his left eye. Darn, it was 8 p.m. already and the paed is kinda far away. But he really doesn’t look good and he was supposed to go for an excursion today which he has been so excited about for the past one week. So, I quickly sent him to the paed and yes as I have guessed, the queue was really long. We had about 8 patients ahead of us.

Then I saw another friend walked in with her daughter who is down with fever. After she registered she told me she will be going to the mall opposite. I was like huh? Isn’t the daughter like kinda unfit to go to the mall?? But she said the wait should take over an hour so she would rather go to the mall with the kids! Boy she was right as by the time we walked in to see the paed, it was past an hour and a half! Shiaks! Paed was kinda worried about Kieran as he was not his usual self and he was wheezing. He had to get the nebulizer treatment this time round! Thank God after the nebulizer he was much better. After that I started to panic also cos I had only RM80.00 in my purse and I’m sure the bill was going to be above that with all the extra medication the paed was giving! And again my guess was right and the bill came up to RM160.00! Thank God for our very reliable local bank which has a branch nearby. Tit tit tit..pronto!

I was spending the night at my mom’s as LaundryApah was outstation (always the case when either one of the kids is sick!) so I had to rush back to get the thermoscan and other stuff like his aero chamber puff thingy to inhale the ventolin to help stop his wheezing. It was close to 11 p.m. by then which got mom worried for a while. Managed to settle him in bed by 11.30p.m. but Kylie was wide awake! Shiaks! Ayo..amah koyak ledi! (dead tired already).

School Excursion - Tuesday 17 Oct 2006

Today Kieran's kindy arranged for the K2 classes to go to a primary school to help them familiarise with the environment and practise using money to buy from the school canteen. I went along as I was worried for him and wanted to make sure he had enough water as most of the time he brings back his water tumbler back with the water he brought to school!

I had to drop mom at the market for a while so I joined the kids later. I didn't know where to park and I happened to park just next to a hydrant. Then I realised it was the wrong gate so I got back to the car to relocate and forgot about the hydrant. Yes I rammed right into it! Shockers! I was like so afraid the water will like shoot out like a fountain but it didn't cos the hydrant I knocked down was the concrete type so it was like a concrete block that rests on the manhole! Wah phew! But hor the bottom part of my car was like scratched lor..boo hoo hoo...

Anyway, the kids went on a tour of the school led by some prefects. I could see poor Kieran sweating away and looked kinda tired. The excitement was really at the canteen when he took out his money getting ready to splurge. Of course protective mommy was lurking around and made sure he got only mineral water and fish ball nuggets instead of the junk food his classmates got! There were this colourful ice popsicles in a transparent tube that a few of his friends bought and I started to scare them that they actually used the water colour that they use for their art to make the colour and told them that they were bad for them..some of the kids kinda looked panic a bit lor..muahahahaha,,,bad hor this amah!

While I was sitting in the canteen I saw some kids playing "5 stones"! That was like my favourite game when I was in primary school! Gosh, I was like so shocked that they were still playing it now even with all the advanced computer games bla bla bla that they have now.
It was kinda fun being around the kids and they were like so fascinated that I'm around. There were some kids from the primary school who came up to me to say hello and said they were from the same kindy last time! Was surprised how friendly and courteous the kids were.


Angeleyes said...

aiyoh...hope Kieran is getting better... could be the haze again lar.

Wow...now they even have excursion to future school ah???

AceOne said...

Kids now very smart ledi ler..they know how to play old games, new games, computer games. They lagi terror than us oledi!!

Sasha said...

Wah sounds like havoc...you know jayden also gets sick when hubby is outstation..like today. Why ah?

mott said...

I hope kieren is much better. That sounded scary! Poor boy! i gave him virtual hugs (on your page) for positive healing energy! Hee Hee!

Yes, why is it ALWAYS when their daddies are outstation, kids ALWAYS get something m must see Paeds'???? (and the waiting line so damn long one!!)

mommy of two angels said...

wah poor amah...ya dunno why...children always get sick when one parents not around...they MISS us lah!!

hehehe...happening start of the week!

Julian said...

I used to play 5 stones, although most of the time its actually mostly played by females. Its fun to play.

Hope your kid gets better soon!

IMMomsDaughter said...

So good the kindy got such excursion. It's a good experience for them but this Amah very badlah, give horror stories of "water colour popsicles". Ha ha...so funnylah.

Hope Kieren gets well soon. Blame it on the haze again :(

Zara's Mama said...

you went on the excursion with him too??

HOpe he enjoy himself even though he wasn't feeling well.

Oscar's Mommy said...

aawww, so sweet. kieran is a big boy now. i loved the 5-stones game. in fact, i still have them tucked some where in my house... i bring and we play ah during lunch hehe..

blurblur said...

Luckily he can still go to the excursion...hope he's better already.

Ya, you follow him on every excursion ah? ;)

huisia said...

Hope Kieran is getting better now.
5 stones, oh, my favourite game too, but i was very poor on it.

laundryamah said...

angeleyes-the haze ler..he's still wheezing leh..

aceone-ayo we really cannot catch up with them leh..

sasha-they call it murphy's law!

mott-aww so sweet, thks!

2angels-ayo happening alright!

Julian-ya lar 5 stones was predominantly a female game in my time..

immom-hehehe..eh that stuff really bad wat...all the coloring..quite scary ler..

zaramama & blur blur-i went with him this time cos he's not feeling well ma..otherwise i will not go ler..

oscarmom-jom! yes yes...bring la we play play!

huisia-aiyer..he's still wheezing n jom next time u come back we play 5 stones together-gether

jazzmint said...

wah lucky manage to go paed and he's ok..i hate it when children fall sick and it's midnite, no 24 hours paed!!