Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today I Bad Mood

Warning..quite a long story ahead! Today was not really a good day. Firstly I realised that my intended bday party celebration for Kieran was this Saturday and I have not finished inviting the guests and also prepare for the party! Cake also belum order! Warao, and this morning I have to go to Kieran's school to sort out something, weyo???

I noticed yesterday Kieran came home from school with things that do not belong to him and also two packet of tissues which I didn't give to him. I immediately questioned him and he had this very guilty look. He said he bought the tissue. I know that's impossible as I didn't give him money. He's not ready to handle money as yet from the last excursion his kindy took them which was practising the use of money at the tuckshop in a primary school.

Me-Whose ruler is that (I know that ruler is not his cos it has Colin written on it la) and who gave you the money?

K-My friend

Me-Whose your friend & how much?

K-I don't know...

Me-(blowing up now...) You don't know who then why you take his ruler? Then who gave you the money??

K-I don't know...

Me-HOW MUCH??? (shouting!!)

K-20 sen

Me-20 sen? Are you sure?

K-errr...yes....and then I bought a drink

Me-(fuming mad by now) What? 20 sen can buy tissue and drink?

K-(looking really terrified and major guilty by now) Errr...no..another friend gave me money also

Me-Did you ask for the money or they gave you? Or did you STEAL??? (shouting leow)

K-Err..(eyes looked here and there...like side to side)No, my friend gave me RM1.00! Then I bought the drink.

Me-The tissues????


Me-You are soooo dead...wait till you go home. You are also grounded. You know what that means?

K-No tv...no cartoon...no dvd...(looking down with very sad face)

So this morning I went to the school in search of his loan provider or victims of extortion! I asked him to identify the boy whom he took money from. He pointed to one.

Me-Hello, did you give Kieran money yesterday?

Boy-(pointed at Kieran) He stole my money!!

Me-Really? Where was your money when he stole it?

Boy-He stole my money! (Still pointing at Kieran) He asked me to give him money but I didn't give. He stole my money!

Me-So how much did he take?

Boy-RM1.00. He bought vitagen..he stole my money!

Me-Ok, here's the RM1.00, next time don't bring money to school ok? (My head spinning and I glared at Kieran with laser eyes and went to his class to talk to his teacher).

The teacher said she can't control the fact that the children bring money to school as they need to buy food and drinks. I was like, aiya why the parents give their kids money at such a young age leh..they really cannot grasp the concept yet ma. What do they know about money? They don't know how it's earned and the value of it. They just know they can buy the stuff from the shop without having to ask permission from parents! What freedom! I seriously am so against of giving money to Kieran as I have heard of how the the tuckshop sellers not returning the change to the children or selling more than what the children wanted or needed!

Then I had to do delivery after lunch, and while walking down the stairs I slipped and twisted my leg but thank God I didn't fall flat on the road! Oscar's mom was asking if I should go since I was like kinda shaky! I went la, work have to complete no matter what.

Then Oscar's mom messaged me and said that she had a good talk with Kieran and found out the whole truth about the money incident. Apparently, he took money from 2 different boys, one boy was RM1.00 and the other was 20 sen. I also returned the RM1.00 to the wrong boy! So I still have owing of RM1.00 to the other boy!

Oscar's mom made me realise that my son was too terrified of me and couldn't talk to me. I felt so guilty and thought maybe I was too hard on him. I really don't want to spoil him as I really cannot bear people branding him a spoilt brat. But then again, I was so heart sick and sad when I thought he actually stole money from his friend. It made me think I was a very bad mother, and wonder where did I go wrong in teaching and guiding him. Let this be a good lesson for me as I continue my struggle as a mom!

Therefore, I must thank God for giving me a gem of a friend plus excellent and efficient assistant in Oscar's mum! She's just amazing. I just left her the numbers and people to call and she kau tim for me! She even became my son's councillor despite her heavy work load in the office. Thanks a lot, as usual, I'm going to be mushy about this, you are really a great help and a good friend indeed and I want you to know how much I appreciate you! Yes YOU, Oscar's mom!

Sorry folks (you know who u r) for the late invitation, it's been really rough the past 2 weeks and I've been really really busy till I think I have short term memory problem! eg.forgetting the route to the resort room..and also the party!


jazzmint said...

wow...itu macam punya cerita...if me also will be fuming liao esp if they did stole when they do not have intention to do so...

good that oscar mom around to help up hehe

Wennnn said...

Hv to slowly slowly teach lor!! U fierce fierce after they run away la!! Sumore U holdin ruler at the time U asking, I also will be sked to tell ler!!

Angeleyes said...

wah...Amah don't be mad lar, Kieren still small boi so must slowly teach him... like my mom said if we shout shout at them next time they not afraid of us one.

Sasha said...

Ah that boy lied that K took HIS RM1???? So notty wan!Anyway, thank god u have oscar mommy! ;)

Annie Q said...

so u be the "bad" person,and Oscar mom be the "good" person.HAHA!I mean the way that teach Kieran.

Shannon said...

AMAH!! Don't be so harse on urself either... If I was in ur position, I would have been mad also... I think with my temper, I not even scold, I would have whacked also, cuz we are talking about stealing mar... somemore u say he look so guilty like that mar.... not your fault not your fault.... now that Oscar's mum the saviour has sorted things out, maybe u can have a good talk with K, tell him what u really feel lor...

HUGS!! Better day today!!!! :D

How's the leg?? OK mar?????

mommy of two angels said...

aiyooo really pening ka-pa-la!

sometimes so garang...also good...scare him...so remember never to do it again! but also bad la...panic until dunno how to answer! lucky u have oscar mommy!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I know what you mean by being upset with such incident. Believe me, I would have blown my top too. Poor Kieran, he is after all still a small boy :)

Now that you mentioned it, I also had the same worry whether Ryan knows how to use money when he goes to Primary One next year as he has never bought anything in kindy before. Hai....another worry.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

I think I would have reacted the same too. Hope your twisted ankle is not too bad. Yeah thank God for friends.

Well I am learning from your sharing and hope when my turns come, I will be able to deal with it with more caution.

Julian said...

So actually he didnt stole the money but the two boys gave it to him is it? Why the boy said he stole it? Bad boy!! Tell lies!

Actually sometimes we tend to get mad easily especially when you are already stressed. I sometimes get angry at Raelynne for things that she dont know what she is doing, so what I do is when I'm angry I will quickly tell myself, dont be angry dont be angry, she's still so young, just a baby, she wouldnt know a thing what is wrong what is right. Then I will always remind myself what my parents tell us, they are just small kids, they dont know. You scold them, beat them also no use as they dont understand yet. Must be patient and teach slowly.

Sometimes I see my wife also stressed and angry when Raelynne is naughty or refused to sleep and so on. Then I tell her dont be angry lah, she wont know anything.

Sometimes you just can't help it lah I guess.

mott said...

Aiyo...kesian Amah..kesian Kieren.

Kieren..your mama only want you to grow up to be a kind, considerate and helpful person, ok? Your mama not angry at you..just your actions ok?

Amah..don't be too hard on yourself ya....being parents doesn't mean we're automatically perfect! Take care of that ankle...it supports your entire body ok?

Oscar's Mommy said...

aiyoh... dont feel bad la. kids ma, next time if you feel that you want to meletup, you fast fast call me ok, i sort things out for you... sked la kieran. nowadays, kids are just not like me and you in OLDEN days... get it?! we ngong ngong pass one day now they(kids) learned stuff in school... dont feel sad ok?

huisia said...

Amah, actually what happened on Kieren just a part of growing phase, you didn't handle it wrong and you're still a good mother. Luckily you can a good friend, emmm...maybe oscar's mum can be godmother for Kieren liao.

milkmaid said...

Hey- fret not. Like Huisia says, this is part of growing up and learing together. My heart goes out to you, and if it were to happen to me, I'll probably whack my son liao - and then go crying to Lou Kong.
Just speak to him and explain the meaning of stealing. Glad that Oscar's mum is there for support....

laundryamah said...

Dear All,

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, it sure feels good to have support from so many of you! I feel much better now...

michelle said...

Don't be so hard on your son. You know when we were young, when we see others have money to buy things and we don't have. Maybe let him have some money to buy with conditions lay out. Let him make his own judgement. Talk to him.

Yeah good thing you have Oscar's mom to help out.

Allyfeel said...

Understandable that you were mad but just try to chill.

My sis told me my nephew also exchange things like pencil, pencil case, eraser I think even cloth in school.

I guess we also learn together along the way. When you know that this method doesn't quite work with Kieran, try different approach next time. :)

laundryamah said...

ally-yah..me must try to control my temper...